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2wo Faced

by David Forrest

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Two Hours Of Amazing Magic With Gaff Cards!

Who says KILLER effects can't be easy? 2WO FACED is crammed to bursting point with material that is both! With this collection of eleven 'kick ass' gaff card routines you'll be shocking people in no time! No matter what your skill level, you will find some real world 'head melters' on this DVD! From the eye boggling transposition of 'QUANTUM LEAP' to the triple climax of 'SUPERFLY' to the jawdrop conclusion of 'PREDICAMENT', every effect is a WORKER! And, to cap it all off you receive ALL THE GAFFS NECESSARY TO PERFORM EVERY ROUTINE ON THE DVD FREE INSIDE. That's TWENTY free gaff cards, all on Bicycle Playing Card stock!


JACKASS - A sucker-punch transpo between one of the Jacks and a selection!

CON-FUSED - Mind boggling transpositions culminate in two signed selections fusing together!

THE WAGER - Gambler vs. Magician, but this time the gambler wins!

WEE WEE MENATLIST - A stick man reads the spectators mind...then proves he's a magician too!

PREDICAMENT - Visually change a signed selection to match a failed prediction! 50/50 - The spectator can never seem to win in this game of psychological trickery!

BLURRED - An easy, practical, visual and magical colour changing deck!

SUPERFLY - Forget Copperfield and Blaine, the only magician you'll ever need is Superfly!

ELMSLEY SMELMSLEY - Selected cards appear as 'marks' on the backs of the Aces!

QUANTUM LEAP - Visually 'transport' a selected card from one hand to the other!

THEY WILL CRY! WHERE'S MY CARD? - A selected card vanishes from the deck then it re-appears...well, ANYWHERE!


ZE FLASH - Information appears on a blank card in a burst of flame!

Includes 20 gaff cards!

Running Time Approximately 2hr
Date Added: Dec 8th, 2006


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Official Review

December 20th, 2010 12:18pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
I’ve reviewed Big Blind Media products before, and this DVD is much of the same. The production quality is top notch, and the magic quality is average, but this one has something that other BBM projects haven’t had. New, simple, and usable ideas.

David Forrest is a charming guy that isn’t trying to hard to impress us, or make us laugh. He seems very comfortable in his own skin. The effects we are paying for are fairly good. Sure there are some effects that should never be performed for a layperson. Some effects like Jack Ass have too many unnecessary actions and confusing moments. Other effects have unfinished stories or presentations that don’t make sense. With that said, instead of being negative for the rest of the review, I’m going focus on what this DVD has done right.

The gaffs supplied are well made, and are used in some interesting ways. There is a great gimmick that forces and vanishes a card from the deck. While not entirely original, the gimmick is sort of a... [Read More]

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