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Color Changing Vest (Stripes)

by Lee Alex

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Category: Costume
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Lee Alex, British illusionist, translator and co-author of the book "Quick change" by Sven Schoppenhauer (Lex Schoppi) presents a unique quick change item for all performers.


The magician is seen wearing a normal vest, buttoned at the front and worn showing out from under an open jacket. The magician turns to his table to take a prop from the table top. Upon turning back to the audience the vest is seen to have changed color.

This is repeated once more later in the programme, and a third time. This not only stands as a unique quick change effect on its own, but also may be performed as a novel running gag which may be repeated ad infinitum throughout a show.
3 color changes; Red, White and Blue.

The final effect of the Color Change Vest is an amazing tranformation displaying red, white and blue stripes!

You may perform as many or as few color changes as desired.

Throughout the performance nothing is ever added or taken away.

Instant Reset!

No less than ten alternative presentations, handlings and ideas are also given in the instructions.

Stripes Style
Date Added: Nov 13th, 2006
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October 29th, 2008 10:50am
Reviewed by Paul White
This is one of those items that I know that I will eventually perform for some special function where it fits well - or when I am an MC rather than a magician.

I watch videos of people who do it well and am "wowed" by how smoothly and quickly they effect the changes. When I do it, I am slow and not very "magical." Like everything, smoothness and bewonderment performance comes with practice.

If I know I had to perform this, I would work on it everyday for a few weeks and perhaps get better. I haven't had that :pressure" or "opportunity" yet, depending on how you view it.

The vest is well made and it is easy to be mediocre but only practice will take one from mediocre to good to great.

Paul White.

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