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Split Deck--Bicycle

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Split Deck -- One of the most unusual decks ever. The deck has been cut in half in a fairly unorthodox manner -- diagonally. Both halves are shown to contain all different cards. One spectator is asked to select a card from the first half of the deck. Another selects a card from they match exactly.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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September 29th, 2010 5:45am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
This deck lives in my collection of gaffed decks. I have the old Fox Lake version, from Hanes House of cards. As I do coincidence effects with a normal deck, there's no true need for me to always use this-it's the split that automatically adds novelty to the basic effect. It's also darned ingenious as are many other gaffed decks. The handling is odd, as fanning triangular wedges is not as easy as handling a regular deck-even a miniature one. Some words are needed to establish the split-I've presented this as a deck from a 'reduced' section in a store-can't play cards with them,...but they do something curious. People can be impressed with a well presented coincidence trick-I think this old deck is more memorable AND effective, because NO spectator that I've shown it to has ever seen such a deck. It's a nice 'oddity', to sprinkle in with more normal, everyday props.

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