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8th Sense

by James T. Cheung and Shrink

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

In 2004 the original 7th Sense redefined silent coding systems and devastated audiences worldwide with the simplicity, directness and the sheer impossibility of the effects attainable with it. However we were asked numerous times about the possibility of a remote application.

In 2006, once more get ready to leave your audience’s beliefs in shreds. The 8th Sense, the next step in the evolution of one of mentalism’s most versatile electronic tools is now here at last.

The 8th Sense is a quantum leap forward in functionality by adding remote capability you can now exploit two incredibly powerful principles instead of just one. You can even use 8th Sense without an accomplice or combine the two principles to create even more versatility from just one unit.

8th Sense has a complete remote alert system designed for the solo performer in mind while retaining the complete functionality of the original 7th sense using a secret assistant.

These two principles combined give access to an incredible range of effects and routines not possible with any other device. This makes 8th Sense the most versatile and powerful electronic device on the market today.

For those of you that requested (and there were many) a remote possibility, then your time has now come. And at a truly affordable investment compared to other "similar" devices that pale into comparison with realism or versatility. Effects are limitless we include just a few possibilities to get you salivating at the possibilities.

**8th Sense is an integrated remote sensor system that combines one man operation with the option of a two person 'thumper' system.**

Remote function - without an assistant!!!

Five film canisters numbered 1 through 5 are placed on a table. A spectator places a ring or other object he owns in one of the canisters yet the performer will know which one!

Five chips containing ESP symbols are placed on a table. A cloth or cardboard is placed over the chips so that no other person can see them, and the spectator takes a chip. The performer knows instantly which chip has been taken! From the other side of the room or even in another room. He does not have to come anywhere near the spectator. You could even perform this variation:

Five ESP chips are displayed on a table and are covered with a cloth. The performer is blindfolded legitimately and stands out of sight of the table. He instructs the spectator to take a chip and place it in his left hand trouser pocket. He then instructs him to take the remaining chips and place them in his right hand trouser pocket, left jacket pocket, right jacket pocket and breast pocket respectively yet the performer knows exactly which chips are in which pocket instantly without going anywhere near the spectator!

Four white chips and a black chip are displayed on a table and are covered. Five spectators each come up and select a chip yet the performer will instantly know who has the black chip! Alternatively, you could have five objects on a table and each spectator takes an object yet the performer will know instantly who has what object!

Extended sight -with an accomplice

The mentalist puts up five $20 bills as a challenge. All the spectator has to do is not give away the location of a personal object which he/she has been hidden under one of five paper cups while the mentalists back is turned. Then five tests are carried out one-by-one. The mentalist wins back each $20 bill as he locates the object by reading body language voice tonality and logical deduction.

The mentalist at the other side of the room reproduces (real-time) a drawing made by a member of the audience without even coming near the spectator or their drawing.

The mentalist holds up the correct number of fingers and on the same hand as a spectator standing at the back of the room and behind him. Not only that another member of the audience is covering the mentalist’s eyes with his/her hands.

Blindfolded mentalists can tell the difference between red and black playing cards held up behind his head. He then asks the spectator to deal cards face up and stop at card he/she feels drawn to. Then another spectator opens a sealed envelop. It says "you will be attracted to (whatever card)..." And matches the spectator's choice. The possibilities are endless...

8th Sense is small, portable and has a manufacturers guaranteed minimum range of 50ft with 100ft ranges possible depending on conditions. It can be installed in a couple of minutes on most tables. 8th Sense is a unique product. No other system offers this much functionality at this price!

8th Sense comes with 5 specially gaffed film canisters, 8th Sense sensor system, key fob remote control plus 10 pages full of instructions, routines and forum access.
Date Added: Jul 21st, 2006


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June 25th, 2016 11:58pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
Not a trick but a complete system. Great for any mentalist as its only limited by your imagination. Although a bit pricey, this system will last you for years to come as it's beautifully made.
It looses half a star because of the price but you won't be sorry if you invest in one.

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