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Nice Cut (With DVD)

by Stefan Sch├╝tzer

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Category: Bizarre
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

The magician produces a shiny and sharp knife from his pocket. He slides his thumb along the edge of the knife's blade to show that the edge is indeed sharp. The knife blade is then pressed against the magician's pointing finger on his left hand. With a swift cutting motion, the magician's finger is cut in half, and the severed finger tip is shown to the spectators!

The magician then takes the severed finger tip in his right hand and begins pushing it back into the cut finger on his left hand. He massages the severed piece into place, and miraculously his left hand is shown uncut and in one piece once again!

Comes complete with knife, special gimmick, and instructional DVD detailing how to perform this razor-sharp illusion!

Knife Length Approximately 13 1/2" (33cm)
DVD Running Time Approximately 7min
Date Added: Apr 18th, 2006


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May 17th, 2014 10:05pm
Reviewed by Kazar
I found this effect very good. It gets great audience reaction. The knife is large and the method is easy to do but, very effective. I was able to learn it easily. The DVD was very clear. This is not for kid shows.

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