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by R. Paul Wilson

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Category: Close Up
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The Ultimate Color-Changing Deck!

Spectrum is an improved handling of Paul Wilson's effect, Technicolor Cheek, which was marketed by Aldo Colombini for several years.

Last year, Aldo kindly returned the rights to Paul so he could release this handling. Technicolor Cheek was based on UF Grant's trick Cheek to Cheek.

A card is thought of (no force) and the deck is mixed, some cards face up and some cards face down. The spectator now reveals their card for the first time.

An odd colored back appears in the deck. It is removed and handed to the spectator to hold. The deck is clearly still mixed face up and face down. With a snap of the fingers the entire deck suddenly turns face down.

The odd backed card is turned over - it is the card the spectator simply thought of at the beginning of the effect!

To correct everything, the entire deck now changes color to match the thought of card and is shown FRONT and BACK as the cards are dribbled from hand to hand.

Spectrum is a super-powerful effect in its own right but is also an excellent way to open a card routine. Includes a simple effect that allows you to openly reset the deck in front of the audience.

Comes complete with gimmicked Bicycle deck* and a 28 page, step-by-step, full color photo instruction booklet.

*Product contains either a red or blue deck. Choice not option.
Date Added: Mar 20th, 2006


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Official Review

July 31st, 2022 1:01am
Reviewed by James Sanden
“Spectrum” by R. Paul Wilson is an unusual routine that combines the color changing deck plot with triumph. In it a card is freely thought of, then the cards are shuffled face up and face down. The spectator names their card, the magician spreads through the deck, finds the selection, turns it face down, then cuts it into the middle of the deck. The cards are then spread to show an odd backed card has appeared amongst the face up and face down cards. The odd backed card is removed and then the deck is shown to have magically righted itself, with all the cards being face down. The odd backed card is shown to be the selection, then the deck immediately changes color to match it.

Mr. Wilson’s clever handling combines two methods to create a very deceptive and effective routine with four rapid fire climaxes, requiring little sleight of hand. While resetting does necessitate sorting through the deck, he teaches an additional simple, but strong, effect, using the same deck, that... [Read More]

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