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World's Smallest Escape Artist

by G Sparks

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

G Sparks has created a fun and entertaining piece of magic.

The Magician tells the spectators they are about to see the World's Smallest Escape Artist at work,
bringing out a matchbox with a rubber band around it.

"He shall escape from this matchbox while being completely surrounded by a stronger than steel strong rubber binding."

The Magician sets the box down on a table and then onto a spectator's palm-up hand.

The box begins to Shake, Rattle, Roll and Buzz, but no escape is witnessed.

The Magician sees that no escape is possible and explains how it really was a great try, so why not at least meet the Artist?

Removing the rubber band and opening the box, the laughter begins, as inside is found nothing but
a lone Horsefly Escape Artist Extortioner.

No strings attached.

Easy to do.

The box does all the work.

And it really sounds like a fly is in the box with all the Shake, Rattle, Roll and Buzz you want.
Date Added: Feb 5th, 2006
MLA SKU: X5w34epxLMuYrhS


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