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100% Commercial Volume 3

by Andrew Normansell

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Category: General
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Alakazam

Product Description

For the past twenty years, Andrew Normansell has made his living performing Magic for some of the most prestigious companies both in the UK, abroad and is a regular on the UK comedy club circuit, one of the most demanding arenas for any performer.
Now for the very first time, Andrew reveals some of his best kept secrets along with the routines and visual gags that have been staples in his repertoire and have ensured his clients keep coming back for more.
Usually armed with little more than a deck of cards and a smile, this man will entertain and fool you badly at the same time. Whether up on stage or performing mix and mingle at a cocktail party, Andy is always guaranteed to astound and entertain. If you're looking for a DVD packed with impractical, knuckle busting routines that you will NEVER perform in the real world, then this DVD is not for you.
If however, you want to learn some great Magic that is 100% commercial then keep reading!
On this volume Andrew shares with you the following routines:
Random Revelation
A super fast, super slick, mind boggling production of four of a kind from a shuffled deck! This will blow you away! (Can also be used as a revelation of four selected cards!)
Twisting Dai Vernon
A contemporary take on the classic "Twisting the Aces" but with an even bigger twist! All of the cards instantly turn face up for the climax! Many convincers and subtleties have been incorporated into this routine that elevates it into the miracle class!
Subtle Speller
A superb routine that allows you to spell to all four Aces with a borrowed deck! No difficult sleights! A real fooler!
Packet Classic
A logical follow up to the Ambitious Card trick with a magnificent kicker ending to the classic that will leave them totally astounded.

Strange Interchange
A devilish deception! Four signed selections change places visibly and instantly with the four Jokers. The four signed selections are then revealed from four different pockets! An incredibly easy method for this classic effect!

Masquerade 2
A spectator finds their own selected card and then unbelievably, all the cards turn into duplicates of the selection. Then the cards all turn into Kings! An eye-popping effect!

Forced Option
A clean cut, to the point, off-beat version of the "Spectator finds the Aces" plot.

Drop Out
A very unusual comedy effect where all of the ink VISIBLY falls off of a deck, leaving it completely blank! A perfect closer for close up or stand up performances.

Jumping Jack Flash
A flashy looking Jack sandwich effect with a whole lot of surprises! Three selected cards vanish from between the Jacks and reappear back in the deck. The final card then reappears in the performer's pocket!

A borrowed coin vanishes from the performer's fingertips, only to reappear halfway through the deck next to a previously signed selection! A real crowd pleaser packed with Magic!

Three & Easy
The classic cards to pocket, superbly streamlined with a specially designed card to wallet ending suited for cocktail parties and walk around reception performances. No fuss! Perform surrounded! You will use this one at your next performance!

Double Barrel
A cunning revelation of two selected cards. Two selections are shuffled back into the pack, yet the performer is instantly able to name each one! A mental miracle!

A fantastic, no fakes, Macdonald's $100 Aces routine for the 21st Century! Completely impromptu! Any deck! All four Aces vanish, one by one, pure Magic!

Running Time Approximately 1hr 28min
Date Added: Feb 2nd, 2006
MLA SKU: Ic2csc0xvwjI6MS


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