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World's Best Card Riser (With DVD)

by Ted Biet

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Three cards are chosen and returned to the deck. The magician holds the pack at his fingertips and asks for the name of the first card. It slowly rises out of the center of the pack. The cards are now shuffled and fanned. The magician asks for the name of the second card. It rises slowly from the center of the fan (this looks really unbelievable!). Finally, the pack is placed into the cardcase and given to a spectator to hold. The third card is announced and the spectator is told to "tickle" the deck just a bit. He does so and, amazingly, the third card rises from the cased deck!

This is the only original Ted Biet's card riser, the best ever created. No threads, no weight no magnets, the gimmick can be introduced into and stolen from a borrowed deck with utter ease, if desired. This device is never even suspected, much less seen. With this DVD you can learn how to use this wonderful gimmick and if you really take the time to learn this (and it does not require a great degree of skill), you will fool all the boys at the magic club and every layman you perform this for.

Comes complete with card riser gimmick and instructional DVD.

Running Time Approximately 7min
Date Added: Feb 2nd, 2006
MLA SKU: ev2Z5hc37uWAaNK


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