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Quick Change Book

by Sven Schoppenhauer

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Category: Costume
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The FIRST and ORIGINAL English books to contain material on magic costume changes ever published in the WORLD were written in 1911/1912 by Will Goldston. In 1911 he published "The Magicians Annual" and in 1912 in "Exclusive Magical Secrets" in witch 5 different Quick Change methods based on one tear away seam: The hook and eye fastener. In the last century Quick Changes have been described in more than 10 English books and pamphlets. The German book "Quickchange" (published in 2003) was the most intensive publication to date and contained on 80 pages 5 different tried and tested methods of fastenings “ methods for holding the materials closed, and ways to open them, the so-called "tear-away“ seams. Well known Russian quick change artists termed one of the 5 methods of fastening as a "revolution". For example: If you use press studs and Velcro, you have two methods of fastening.

In the new english book "Quick Change" 15 different methods of fastening are described, the so-called "Top Secret High Tech" hardcores. There are:

the hook and eye fastener
the standard press studs/poppers fastener,
the double press stud/poppers fastener,
the hook and loop fastener,
the magnet fastener,
the simplest pull fastener,
the pull with eyelets fastener,
the tunnel pull fastener,
the double pull fastener,
the fish bone pull fastener,
the crochet fastener,
the tunnel crochet fastener,
the incredible speed spring seam,
the elastic speed thread and finally
the "non plus ultra": the prepared zipper.

The user is trained in 22 sequences to accomplish costume changes. The combination of individual sequences results in very fast complete costume changes. In theory there are several hundred combination possibilities for Quick Change methods.

Finally a multiple costume change with six costumes from preparation and through the handling is presented with a series of 48 photos.In addition this comprehensive book contains effects which employ different methods which can be used by magicians performing all genres of magic, even close-up:

the Color Changing Tie,
the Multiple Color Changing Bow Tie,
the Color Changing Shirt,
the Color Changing Sleeve and
the Appearing Color Changing Dress Scarf.

Never before has there been such an extensive treatise on the subject.

Date Added: Jul 12th, 2005


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