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Gilligan's Prediction

by Bazar de Magia

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Categories: Bizarre, Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

This effect is extremely strong and seems unbelievable when described.
The magician shows a corked small clear glass bottle on the table. A paper roll is clearly seen inside the bottle, just like a message from someone lost on a desert island!

The magician asks a spectator to name a card, ANY CARD, and as she names the selected card, the bottle is uncorked and the spectator himself takes the paper roll out of the bottle. When the roll is unrolled, the named card appears on it!

All may be examined!!!

  • No forcing.
  • The bottle is permanently in sight of the audience.
  • You may also make other predictions, with other small objects, ESP cards, etc.

It is an unbelievably clean effect!

Includes Instructional CD-ROM/DVD that also includes the performances of several other Bazar de Magia Products!

Date Added: May 26th, 2005


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