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Burger's Spirit Magic DVD

by Eugene Burger

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Category: Bizarre
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Stevens Magic Emporium

Product Description

"The spirits are an age-old theme, a story from darkest history, and therefore a presentational anchor that can be used with many different magic tricks." - Eugene Burger

Spirit Magic adds an element of mystery to any ghoulish gathering or macabre meeting. Audiences remember the demoniacally different good-natured fun.

Eugene is the perfect teacher guiding you through seances, mediums, and close-up and stand-up spirit magic. Super Natural Sorcery comes alive as he demonstrates items from a rare collection of medium devices, such as rapping hands, spirit bells, and the Fechner/Proust Spirit Table.

Performance Only:

  • Seance in Progress

Performance and Explanations:

  • Spirit Candle in the Bottle
  • Acrobatic Matchbox
  • Rising Bill
  • Rising Card
  • Spirit Messages
  • Seance (Glorpy and Out to Lunch)


  • Comments on performing spirit magic
  • Thoughts on controlling a seance
  • Ideas on presenting luminous materials
  • Suggestions on using antique magic
Date Added: Apr 30th, 2005
MLA SKU: 3rnrBdJJ3nPkKbd


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Official Review

August 15th, 2012 10:41pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone
Eugene Burger has a knack for taking other ideas and principles and effects and combining them, slightly modifying them here and there, adding a presentational idea here and bam, you've got something that is, arguably, better than the original. Or at the very least a comparable variation.

In this $30 DVD, you get about 50 minutes of Eugene Burger performing and discussing the concept or presentational premise of "spirits" in your magic. While you learn 4 routines and a nice handful of principles, what you really get is the advice from and privilege of watching an expert with real world experience and a true master of personalizing magic. Eugene Burger's magic is meaningful.

The DVD starts with a bizarre and borderline creepy poem with a bit of an exaggerated emotional recitation by Eugene while sitting at a table surrounded by a very dated (late 80's) audience. This part was merely to demonstrate a certain style of performance and set the stage for an interesting evening with... [Read More]

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