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by Marc Spelmann

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Categories: Bizarre, Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

A spectator is asked to examine ten figure wound cards, confirming each is different with wounds in different places, the cards are mixed and one selected at random. The remaining cards are hidden from the performers view. The spectator is asked to visualize the performer with the wounds on their chosen card.

A pay envelope and a needle are handed to a second spectator who is asked to first confirm there is something inside the envelope and then to pierce a single random hole through the item inside.

Turning to the first spectator the performer begins to feel the wounds and indicates three separate places on their body to the astonishment of the spectator who confirms that the areas of the body mentioned are exactly the same as they were thinking of.

The performer turns to the second spectator and removes a folded piece of paper from the envelope which proves to be a picture of a figure.. The pierced holes match perfectly with the wounds thought of by the first spectator and felt by the performer for an astonishing climax.

There are two routines for The Afflicted, one which is perfect for mentalists and another for Magicians were wounds appear on a figure...

The Afflicted is an amazing effect that is very different from anything else on the market and exceptionally easy to do.

Date Added: Feb 12th, 2005


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