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Art Of Street Performing # 2 DVD, The

by Cellini

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Category: Close Up
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Finally the continuation of Cellini's Art of Street Magic is here. Volumes two and three of his celebrated series are chock full of street routines shown live and then broken down in the studio for explanation. This series is a must have for any aspiring urban magician, and has all you will need to take it to the streets!

Volume Two (DVD2CELLI)

At last, the long awaited release of volume two in the "Cellini Presents" series, "The Art of Street Performing" has arrived. This volume deals exclusively with magic and magicians. You will find my complete routine performed live in front of audiences on the streets of New Orleans. We then take it to the studio for an in-depth look and breakdown of that very routine and the effects I use. You will also be shown how to create a stage on the open streets and in other public spaces. This video expands on and reinforces the building blocks you learned from the first volume, "The Art of Street Performing." It is my hope that, with this video, you will further your education and become a better performer, as well as a bonafide street magician.

Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006


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Official Review

December 8th, 2005 1:09am
Reviewed by David Acer
[This review refers to the 3 DVD set.]

“There’s no need to get booked “ the streets are always there.”
Danny Hustle

I’ve heard bars, restaurants, and even trade shows described as magic’s “front lines,” but while I agree that these are all challenging venues, I still consider them to be a mile or two behind the real front lines - the street. Street magicians are the true footsoldiers of magic. They have no use for the work of armchair generals. They don’t do Progressive Ace Assemblies, or Okito Box routines, or Tenyo tricks. The material they perform must be simple, visual and bulletproof, or they are, professionally speaking, dead, which is why they typically turn to the classics - Linking Rings, Cups and Balls, Misers Dream, and the like. But even armed with material that has proven to be effective in the environment, a fledgling street magician must still learn how to command an audience that has absolutely no reason whatsoever to empower him,... [Read More]

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