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Comedy Sparking Polisher

by Proof Positive

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Category: Comedy
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

The Comedy Sparking Polisher is a sure fire way to create laughs in you show. It is a hand held, self contained, rechargeable cordless polish. When on, it will emit a large spray of sparks, whenever you desire Imagine, offering to polish a spectators borrowed ring. You turn the polisher on and it roars to life spinning at 14,000 rpm.. You begin to polish the ring and suddenly a massive spray of sparks comes showering forth! The "whining" of the motor when the sparks fly really sounds great and the impressive shower of sparks really make it look like you've damaged their jewelry. This great site gag can be used to apparently grind, polish, sharpen, damage, or mutilate anything -- rings, silverware, keys, watches, cameras, eyeglasses, sell phones, even body parts! How about polishing your teeth, or buffing a spectator's fingernail while their hand is in an arm chopper. Create the illusion of visually sharpening your knife, scissors, even your illusion swords. Great for any "damaged and restored" type of effect or as a comical way to ignite things (the sparks are that intense!) -- its uses are endless. Best of all, you can easily purchase and replace both the flints and the abrasives when they wear out, so it's made to last!

Includes a genuine 14,000 rpm cordless polisher which has been professionally modified to produce sparks on demand, charger, replacement flints & abrasives.

Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006
MLA SKU: ApChSUpjaDtzkJd


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