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by Mark Elsdon

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

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A standard pack of ESP cards is displayed to the audience, and one of each symbol is removed: circle, star, wavy lines, square and cross. The performer sticks a small white sticker to the back of each one (the spectator can check that they really are stuck) and mixes them up. The spectator freely decides which of the five symbols to draw on each card, with no forces, equivoque or other hokey magician's ploys.

One by one the cards are flipped over (the spectator can flip the cards over himself) and each card perfectly matches what is drawn on its back! Oh yeah, and the cards may be fully examined

Zenner-Tech is a very direct and commercial ESP test. No extraneous props, no 'sticky' cards and no sleights. It is perfect for a formal close-up or mentalism performance or as an encore piece when you need to perform a killer closer. The spectator makes all the decisions and yet the outcome is guaranteed, every time! If you want to add a stunning mental effect to your repertoire, then Zenner-Tech fits the bill.

Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006


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May 31st, 2011 12:50pm
Reviewed by Frank Tougas
First I will say the trick is a stunner, however and it is a big however, not a new trick. It is ironic it is produced by a company called Alakazam since the principle is taught as a bonus trick on Mark Wilson's Business Card Magic video.

Using ESP cards is a stroke of genius but, and we are talking big but here, with some stickers from a stationary or drug store and a six dollar deck of Royal ESP cards you can duplicate the effect with one simple move as taught in the business card video.

The best thing that this trick has going for it as it has eliminated that "move" and allowed the magician to clean up the deck in a novel way making everythin examinable. If you are playing this as straight mentalism you should not have to "clean up the deck" as you would a magic trick- your call.

As for no sleights - there is one, simple enough for a novice to do convincingly and they tell you to do it casually, don't make a move out of it. I guess that is how they get away with NO MOVES... [Read More]
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