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Black 7

by Zach Allen

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Categories: Bizarre, Close Up
Media Type: eBook
Publisher: Zach Allen

Product Description

Below is the complete listing of the effects to be found in Black 7.

List of Contents

* Fly: A small piece of paper (or whatever you wish) levitates in the spectator's hand.
* Cynosure: The magician lights a piece of paper on fire, and blows it out. He has the spectator hold his hand, and the spectator just barely touches the edge of the paper with their finger. The magician and spectator concentrate, and the paper bursts back into flames.
* Ethereal: A coin vanishes from the magician's hand, and appears in the spectator's pocket. Evidence of the work of spirits is left behind.
* Bic the Contortionist: A pen visibly twists in the magicians hand. No gimmicks at all.
* Time Travel: A corn kernel pops in the magician's hand.
* Voodoo Vanish: Cause a person to visibly fade out of sight right before your spectator's eyes. No stooges, either! Can be performed close-up as well.
* The Vision: You place a single playing card on the spectator's hand, and tell them of a vision you had about meeting them and them thinking of a single card. They reveal the card they are thinking of. You turn the card over, and it is their mentally selected card.

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Date Added: Sep 13th, 2004


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