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10 Ways To Force A Card DVD

by Dex Poinjestra

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Category: Close Up
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Product Description

Are you sick of hearing "Use your favorite card force," in routines, and not knowing what to do? If you are, then Dex Poinjestra's 10 Ways to Force a Card DVD is definetly for you. You will no longer have to use the same tired effect or research a new force. Dex offers you 10 different card forces to choose from that will fit a multitude of routines.

Forces Included:

* Criss Cross Force
* Hindu Shuffle Force
* Cut Deeper Force
* 10 to 20 Force
* Riffle Force
* Countdown Force
* Dribble Force
* Peek Force
* Slip Cut Force
* Classic Force
Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006


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Official Review

December 27th, 2004 3:48pm
Reviewed by David Acer
This DVD is exactly what it purports to be, but far from what it should be. If you’re going to release a treatise on different ways to execute a single move, particularly a move that isn’t yours, you are obligated to choose between compiling an encyclopedic collection OR researching extensively, then presenting (in this case) the ten best techniques.

This DVD does neither. You DO get ten ways to force a card. Four are virtually self-working - "The Criss-Cross Force," "The Cut Deeper Force," "The 10 to 20 Force" and "The Countdown Force" - but each of these is plagued by varying degrees of contrivance.

Three are relatively easy and quite convincing - "The Hindu Shuffle Force," "The Riffle Force" and "The Slip Cut Force." However, the technique demonstrated here for the “Slip Cut Force” (which should actually be called “The Slip Force”) is precisely the wrong way to do it, and results not only in a noticeable flash, but also an audible “tell.” If you’re going... [Read More]
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