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Closely Guarded Secrets

by Michael Close

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Computer CD

Product Description

This revolutionary CD-Rom/Ebook includes routines straight from Michael's act at the Houdini Lounge in the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

-The Luckiest Cards in Las Vegas
-The Shuffles Routine
-The Dumbest Casino in the World
-The Cheating Lessons
-The Trick that Lance Burton Showed Me ...and much more.

  • Text provides the information
  • Photographs clarify the text
  • Video shows the perfected sleights

This ebook offers unparalleled instruction by allowing text, photographs, and video clips to do what they do best and can be printed out to produce a spectacular 8.5 x 11, 179-page book.

Each routine is described in complete detail in Michael Close's clear, easy-to-read style. It's almost like having private lessons with Michael Close.

BONUS: Three Essays on Magic Theory and Michael's Presentation & Handling of: Dean Dill's Box & Gary Plants Magnetized Cards.

Estimated ship date is June 10, 2004

Available from your favorite magic dealer.
Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006
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Official Review

June 5th, 2004 9:26am
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
I have come to learn that the most difficult reviews to write are of products which are very good and those which are very bad. The mediocre products offer a lot to talk about - how this could have been better, how that was a disappointment. But both bad and great products often leave little more to say than either "yuck" or "this is great!"

In case there is any doubt, this is one of those, "This is GREAT!" products. In truth it is better than great, and rather than just repeat such platitudes I will try to offer some opinions and thoughts which may help you realize that this is a product that you truly NEED to own.

First, this e-book teaches (not explains, but teaches) more in its introductory material than most books and videos on the market today offer in their entirety. Michael Close is a deep thinker and an excellent writer. When the Worker's series came out, the material took the magic world by storm, but some people realized that those essays and asides within the... [Read More]

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

July 6th, 2004 10:26am
Reviewed by Chet Cox
Why I Can't Really Review Closely Guarded Secrets
- and why no one else can, for a long time yet.

Immediately, let's confess that CGS may be the most influential work in the field of 21st century magic. Yet if it does its job well, it will be surpassed - but only because anything which might improve on it, will be standing solidly upon the strong shoulders of Michael Close's book/video.

This is not a trick book. We love trick books and do not degrade them; nonetheless, it is a disservice to trick books and a disservice to this book to consider buying CGS to learn Michael's best tricks. It is wrong to try to learn how to perform as Michael does. And it is wrong because Michael is not you, and the magician that you are portraying - as CGS teaches us - must be you.

I am only up to page 57 (Adobe page 63) and realize how very, very lucky I am to have this book when I am so very, very new to the field of magic. I easily might have become a rote magician - you know the one.... [Read More]
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