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Art And Ardor at the Card Table

by Jimmy Nuzzo and Edward Marlo

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Category: Philosophy
Media Type: Book

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Jimmy Nuzzo and Edward Marlo Collaborated on card magic that is visual and confounding because of sophisticated sleight of hand. It is these secrets that have formulated some of the most fooling magic ever created.

“Any pulse-checking, hard-core cardmen in the late 60s, knew about Jimmy Nuzzo. If they didn’t get to see him in person, they were familiar with the select ideas he published”ideas that probably seemed celestial at the time but were nevertheless interesting and enticing.” - from Jon Racherbaumer’s Prologue

In the Nuzzo Touch there is Jimmy’s audience-tested repertoire. It includes his fabulous Side Steal and lightning-fast Card to the Pocket.

The book incorporates three hard-to-find, private manuscripts that Nuzzo and Marlo published in the 1980’s, Plus Package; Unforgettable Wild Card; and 21 st Century Card Magic. Jimmy invented the Hung Card, one of the most tightly held secrets in magic.
Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006
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