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Zone Zero (w/ DVD)

by Jerry Andrus

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When you mention tricks created by Jerry Andrus, several classics of magic come to mind: his Linking Safety Pins, Andrus Card Control, his classic coin routine, Miser's Miracle are but three. None are more famous, amazing, or popular as his Zone Zero. This routine is totally unique, not difficult to perform, and can be adapted to many situations and themes.


Show a styrene board (11" x 17", blank so you can customize or use as is). There is a hole near the center. The board is shown on both sides. and both hands are shown empty. The performer reaches through the hole in the board with an empty hand and comes out with a brightly-colored (2.5") rubber ball. The ball is bounced on the floor to show it is an actual, solid ball. The ball is put back through the hole (and back into "Zone Zero"). Immediately the board is shown on both sides and both hands are repeatedly shown empty in the process...the ball is gone! The magician explains that the ball does not exist when it is in "Zone Zero." He reaches through the hole and brings the ball back out. "The ball exists when it's out here...but not when I put it through the hole and into Zone Zero." The ball is put through the hole and again it completely vanishes. The board is shown on both sides and the hands are empty.

It seems impossible! No body loads. The principles involved can be utilized for a wide variety of other effects. Vanish objects besides a ball, like an orange, pack of smokes, rolled up socks, etc. In addition, you can also utilize the Zone Zero "Master Move" with objects other than the Zone Zero board. For example, show a large book on both sides, then produce items from a book. (This is one idea not included in the instructions. We're sure you'll come up with many more!)

Includes: Zone Zero board, 3" ball, DVD with instructions and additional rare footage of Jerry Andrus, plus written instructions that include the Perfect Page routine.

The instructions cover the Master Move, Zone Zero routine, plus the Routine (a small box is cut open on the ends so it can be laid flat. Show it on both sides, then fold it back into a box shape and produce an item from it, like a ball. Put the ball back into the box and smash the box flat, then show both sides of the box and your empty hands! What a space saver!) Instructions also include "Perfect PackageMoves With A Paper Bag. (Imagine showing a folded and flat paper bag all-around, then open and show the inside empty, then produce a ball, orange, etc.).

The DVD features Jerry Andrus performing and explaining Zone Zero! The DVD also includes bonus footage of Jerry performing his incredible comedy Table Act from 1960, and home-movie footage of Jerry demonstrating his incredible "Nutty Nut & Bolt Illusion," a mind-bending, eye-popping optical illusion.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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August 15th, 2003 3:41pm
Reviewed by Bizzaro.
Man the hours of fun and excitment you can have with a rubber ball and a piece of plastic with a hole in it are endless. The effect baffles people all over the place. The only drawback is the big white plastic chunk you get.. but hey that's what contact paper is for right? Mr. Andrus even made a patter based off his bodies' algarythm (I think that's what it was.) and it was cool.

What's better than plastic and a rubber ball? Why a video!! Shows you ways to take the flat yellow dot off a piece of paper, show a box flat and produce something out of it. It's good. Along the way you get to see the scary and disturbing visual Illusions Andrus makes for fun... as well as a bit from his stage act that is well worth the price of the trick.

Even if you never use this it's a must have for yer closet collection as it gives you some great ideas to play with.

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