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Perform Like A Pro

by Quentin Reynolds

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Categories: Business, Philosophy
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Have you ever wondered why one magician with skill, talent, and a pleasant personality gets minimal reaction from his audience while another with equal or less talent can bring the house down.

Most magicians think it is about the tricks, whereas it is actually about the experience you create for your audience. The tricks are only the tools to help you create this experience.

On this DVD, taped live at The World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, Quentin Reynolds shows you how to double the reaction to your current repertoire without changing any effect. While speaking from his experience as a children's entertainer, the principles shared here apply to any magical performance from-close-up to stage.

You will discover:

The simple formula on how to create a world class act, how to develop your most Suitable performing style, the single most common mistake made by stage magicians, the correct use of silence in your show, how to elicit gasps, how to build the magical moment, and how to build a balanced show so everything flows easily,

Quentin uses examples from his own repertoire to illustrate the points he makes. With 30 years experience as a professional magician and over 10,000 children's shows in every conceivable performing condition, Quentin explains simply and clearly how you can perform like a pro and dramatically improve the audience reaction at every show you do.
Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006


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