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Guardian of the Grave

by Mark Setteducati

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Category: Bizarre
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Wellington Enterprises

Product Description

The second release in the Signature Series of Handcrafted Miracles. A truly deluxe version of Mark Setteducati's Guardian of the Grave!
Nine tombstone cards are shuffled. A spectator selects and signs the back of one card. The cards are then set out on the table face up, forming a graveyard map.
The spectator selects the tombstone on which the Guardian figure will start.
Next, the spirit of the Guardian speaks from the coffin, directing the spectator through a series of moves, removing a tombstone after each move.
When the final card is turned over, it proves to be the card with the spectator's signature. The spirit gleefully proclaims his success.
Guardian of the Grave can be performed again and again, with a different ending each time. The method is so clever, you will amaze yourself with it!
Look at these great features:
* The Guardian is crafted from crystal clear acrylic and obviously contains no gimmickry. All of the electronics are enclosed within the coffin.
* The graveyard map is cleverly designed, allowing you to easily explain how to move the Guardian. The cards are heavy stock, laminated front and back.
* The coffin lid is finely crafted of solid walnut and finished in clear lacquer. Birch accents on the lid complete the design.
* The trick is entirely self-contained. There is nothing used that isn't in full view of the audience. No extra gimmicks. Improved electronic circuitry allows the addition of several new features.
Guardian of the Grave is an effect you will be proud to own! Finest quality workmanship throughout.
Date Added: Feb 16th, 2004
MLA SKU: 0MubCzi2lPRkyYI


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