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Hank Ball - Stillwell/Viking

by Stillwell

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Categories: General, Stage, Manipulation
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Viking Magic

Product Description

The hank ball has been an indispensable hidden assistant for the professional silk worker. Vastly overlooked by the amateur and unavailable in the traditional Stillwell fashion, it has now been reproduced by the artisans at Viking Mfg. Spun of lightweight metal and powder coated for durability.

With this unique prop the performer is able to vanish or produce an extremely large quantity of silk hanks. The hands are shown empty and yet a silk hank appears at the fingertips, then another and another. The silks can be produced in a 20 foot stream or a large and colorful silk streamer can be used as the production item.

Top quality metal work at an affordable price. Complete with instructions and routine.

Date Added: Feb 15th, 2004
MLA SKU: P1iPxgbgUa2wAZJ


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