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3001 - Mental Transmission

by Viking Magic

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Viking Magic

Product Description

The finest two-person covert communication system in the world.

You'll marvel at the micro-components, so small that the microphone can fit under the first joint of your index finger; the receiver fits primarily IN the ear and is virtually invisible.

The reception is crystal clear and can be used in any venue from close-quarters to a full size stadium or theatre. You'll be able to hear a mere whisper with perfect clarity; will even transmit through walls and even from floor to floor.

Walk among your audience and secretly transmit codes and messages to your partner without anyone being the wiser. Duplicate drawings, words, actions while your back is to the subject.

Gather secret information while your assistant passes among the audience during an intermission.

The hidden earpiece is smaller than a US Dime. State-of-the-art electronics. As used by many government agencies.

You could start a religion with this system, it's that good!

Extremely high quality. Comes with a 1 year warranty. Custom case and detailed instructions included.

Other uses: If you're an actor or speaker, use this system to cue yourself during your speech; if you want to do a gambling expose, without revealing this method, you could win at poker, blackjack, etc.

Many ideas will present themselves.

For professional use only. Intended for theatrical presentations, magicians and mentalists. Sold to adults only.

Date Added: Feb 15th, 2004
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July 16th, 2005 8:20pm
Reviewed by RonMartin
I've had two of these units, (one for back up), for about ten years now. (After EIGHT years, one needed repairs.) Everything the ads say is true. The tiny earpiece IS (barely) visible - IF you're up close and looking for it. My partner, who was the 'receiver' in the two person act, merely had her hair cover her ear. It is possible to whisper (without moving your lips much, ala ventriloquism), and the words come thru crystal clear.

Only had one problem using it. The connectors are plug in, similar to a headphone jack, and it pulled loose, under the receivers clothing. We learned to tape the connected wire to the receiver box and that solved it. This really is the best system currently available on the general market that I know of.
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