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Orange, Lemon, Egg and Parakeet

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Category: Stage
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Malloy Modern Magic

Product Description

The effect is simple and straight forward. Magician shows a birdcage with a parakeet inside (live bird is used). He then removes the parakeet from the cage and vanishes it in a handkerchief. He then takes an egg and vanishes it the same way. Next a lemon, but when he gets to the orange, he finds that he cannot easily vanish it. Taking out a knife, he cuts open the orange and inside he finds a lemon. Quite surprised, he cuts the lemon in half only to find the egg! He then takes the egg, breaks it open inside the cage and the live parakeet reappears. Definitely different and so easy to perform due to the fine manufacturing of the cage. This could easily be a closer for any type show.

Items included in the set are:

1. The parakeet cage (gimmicked)
2. The table and stand unit (the vanishes of the egg and lemon are done in the table)
3. Fake egg and lemon for initial vanish
4. Knife to cut the fruit
5. Devils Hank (to vanish the parakeet )
6. The performance video
Date Added: Feb 14th, 2004


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