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Duel Match

by Alakazam Magic

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

The Magician places an envelope on the table explaining that it contains a prediction card. Next a deck of cards is freely shown to have different faces and back designs. With the cards spread face down, a spectator freely selects one which is then placed face down on the table. Next the deck is spread face up and a second card is selected and placed face up next to the first chosen card.

The prediction card is removed from the envelope and shown back and front. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to match either of the selections – perhaps the trick has gone wrong! The Magician explains that since he was able to see the cards being selected, he was really trying to predict the other side of each card. The two selected cards are then turned over to show a ‘perfect match'

Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006


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Official Review

June 28th, 2015 5:40am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Duel Match is a great card trick that can be performed by an absolute novice or a seasoned pro. Both performers can get over the top reactions with this simple to execute method.

With this trick you get a special deck, a card-sized black envelope and a prediction card. The deck is specially arranged so that the performer can display the cards to show that there are apparently 52 different backs from different decks and 52 different values. The card backs are different colors, different manufacturers and some even come from promotional movie decks.

The performer places the prediction envelope down on the table and indicates that within contains a prediction card. The performer then thumbs through the deck and the spectator picks a back. Then, the performer thumbs through the deck and the spectator calls "stop" and the spectator picks a value. The performer then opens the envelope (in most cases) and the back does not match and the value is off. Total failure! But... [Read More]

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