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3 Ball Juggling

by Ken Benge

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Category: Juggling
Media Type: Book

Product Description

Ken Benge teaches you just about all the tricks there are to know about juggling with three balls!

This book was written with a sincere desire by the author to further the art of juggling.

This book is not written as a panacea to quick easy juggling.

Only practice and time can turn you into an accomplished juggler.

This book was written to give the up and coming jugglers a factual book on juggling tricks with three balls.

Learn: Under Your Right Leg; Two Balls in One Hand; Over Your Head With Half Turn; The Shower; Overhand Juggling; Three Bounce Start; Neck and Shoulder Catch; Head Bounce; Double Ball Bounce; Stuck Behind Your Back; plus lots more!
Date Added: Jan 31st, 2004


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