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Phantom Tube - Large

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Category: General
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

A large tube is shown to be perfectly empty.

The audience can look completely through it.

The ends of the tube are capped with paper using rubber bands to hold the papers in place.

A light can be held up the paper drumhead showing the tube is still empty.

Now the magician breaks one of the paper drumheads and a large production of silks, ribbons, paper flowers, garlands, etc. are produced.

A classic piece of production apparatus that is very easy to operate.

No transfer of loads, no hanging bags, etc.

It's all self-contained.

Tube is constructed from metal, has a painted finish, and measures approximately 6 inches in diameter and stands 9 inches tall.

Comes with full instructions.

No rubber bands or papers included as they are not requred for the operation of the mystery but were only mentioned as an optional way to present the effect.

Any type tissue paper and rubber bands can be used if desired.

No production items included.
Date Added: Jan 31st, 2004
MLA SKU: 7Og2enxcOPLwC2


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