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3-Key Monte

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

It's really two tricks in one.You borrow a spectator's $5 bill and lock it onto a Master Lock. Three keys are clearly shown, however only one can open the lock. As with the Three Shell Game and Three Card Monte routines, you mix those keys and put the burden on your "victim" (helper) to win some money, maybe double or nothing or just a chance to get their own money back. Needless to day YOU WIN ALL THE TIME. No one can ever guess the right key. Even when you make the odds easier and mix the correct key with only one other key. Just like the Three Card Monte, you bend the corner of the key as if you would bend the corner of a card, and still you'll WIN EVERY TIME. The precision mechanical lock lets you decide who's right and who wins. Another routine is a version of "7Keys To Baldpate." A spectator tries opening the padlock with a choice of seven keys. Each key is placed in an envelop and they are mixed. Other spectators are allowed to pick ANY envelope. THEY CAN SWAP THEM AMONG THEMSELVES and even with you if you'd like. But the finale is always under your control. You or a spectator of your choice will be the only one holding the correct key. The many possibilities of this clever lock are included with keys, envelopes, instructions and routines.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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