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Electronic Release Shackles

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Category: Escapes
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

A ferocious looking volunteer is chosen and handed a steel shackle with four chains welded onto it. After close examination the performer is secured into the device by the afore mentioned volunteer. (By the way it's the shackles that are closely examined, Not the performer ! But then again it depends upon your audience I suppose…..) He does this utilizing two padlocks which are supplied. You may however use any padlocks, even borrow them if you wish. After several members of the audience have checked that the performer is thoroughly secured, he can and does of course make his miraculous escape. OR…You can present it in comedy style where you appear to escape by removing one hand and when you turn around you are still securely chained. You can at anytime remove either hand and replace it immediately. Great prop takes up no room in the case but plays BIG. Great accessory for Sub Trunk and other such Illusions.
Date Added: Jan 30th, 2004
MLA SKU: lIL0LdmqdSnqF1u


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