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3 Ball Routine

by Danny Archer

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

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This is Danny's version of the classic balls in the net. A rubber ball is magically produced, then vanishes and reappears. One ball becomes two, then three rubber balls. One at a time, the three balls are placed in the left hand. One at a time they travel across and are cleanly dropped from the right hand. This sequence is repeated once. One ball is placed in the pocket and magically returns. This sequence is repeated once. For the climax, all the balls inexplicably vanish!! Here is the real work on the legendary 3 ball routine (a staple for Johnny Thompson, David Roth, Bob Sheets Dai Vernon and many other well known pros). You get four excellent balls, six pages of text and illustration that will allow you to include this classic of magic in your repertoire.
Date Added: Jan 28th, 2004
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February 10th, 2004 2:06pm
Reviewed by Richard Mendez
This is a good effect but relies solely on sleight of hand. I've seen Danny Archer perform this one in person and it's fantastic but will require some work to perform effectively. If you are looking for something self working then this is not for you.
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