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22 Blows to the Head

by Sankey, Jay

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

TWENTY-TWO original routines with coins, spoons, business cards, handkerchiefs, hole punches, newspaper, matchbooks, pay envelopes, dollar bills and playing cards.

Each effect is guaranteed to convince your audience that you do indeed possess "psychic powers," and many of the handlings are so INGENIOUSLY SIMPLE they are virtually self-working!

  1. Graffiti - A spectator's own name appears on a card!
  2. Homocide - Russian roulette with a hole punch!
  3. Laying on of Hands - A kick-ass three phase demonstration!
  4. Mute - Mentalism with jingle bells!
  5. Simply Divine - So easy, so satisfying!
  6. Resistance is Futile - The ultimate psychic packet trick!
  7. Casualties of War - You'll love the presentational "hook!"
  8. Divided Attention - A picture is worth a thousand words!
  9. Fade Away - Jay has sold this item alone for 20 bucks!
  10. Black Market - Mentalism with matches!
  11. Mercurial Prediction - This drops the most jaded of jaws!
  12. Symbolic - A very clever variation on a classic!
  13. Shufflecutdeal - The spectator does everything!
  14. Formal Affair - Jay's pet handling for bending a spoon!
  15. Confession - "Out of this World" leaves the galaxy!
  16. Reinactment - You'll grin like an idiot every performance!
  17. Vital Statistics - A lean, mean, devastating machine!
  18. Memory Lapse - Cause a spectator to forget a thought!
  19. Greed - "Bank Night" with a difference!
  20. Hide, Keep & Give Away - Three blows to the head!
  21. Serial Killer - The best "reading" of a borrowed bill ever!
  22. Locked Room Mystery - A terrifying "over the phone" effect!

Run Time: 140 minutes
Date Added: Jan 27th, 2004
MLA SKU: SZ14Bt5kXwdHwrK


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Official Review

February 6th, 2004 3:21pm
Reviewed by David Acer
Jay Sankey is one of the most prolific magic inventors of our time. Moreover, in addition to creating interesting, often groundbreaking approaches to classic plots ("Mr. Clean Coins Across," "Stirring Silver," "Paper Clipped," etc.), he has introduced a multitude of original ones to the magic community ("Airtight," "Forgery," "Dough," etc). This is what makes every new Sankey book and DVD so intriguing -- you just never know what mouth-watering flavor he's going to add to our bag of Bertie Botts candy.

22 Blows To The Head is one of Jay's first releases since his work became the exclusive property of Penguin Magic. It is slickly produced (in contrast to some of Jay's earlier videos, which were often shot on a home-video camera in his apartment), but still fairly casual, making for easy, digestible viewing (i.e. you can... [Read More]
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