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Ultimate 3 Card Monte

by Skinner, Michael

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Category: Gambling
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: L&L Publishing

Product Description

In one evening you can master Michael's version of this classic card swindle without resorting to sleight of hand. Everything is included, illustrated text, original patter and the special cards that make it all possible.
Date Added: Jan 14th, 2004
MLA SKU: sRAcZTz1Tfgl24F


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December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by sctcarts
Bill Malone said he would never do a packet trick until he saw this one, and he's right. The best monte effect using gaffs I've encountered.
There's no slight of hand, but the routine will take time to master-and by master I mean doing it without thinking, which is the key to making this effect work. If it looks natural, it kills every time. The booklet that accompanies the effect is well written and relativly clear, but again, some time will be spent going through the motions. But hey, if it was a piece of cake, everybody would be doing it (or maybe everybody is doing it and I missed a meeting). I highly recommend this one, my all time favorite, and one of the two packet tricks I would take if only allowed to perform two tricks for the rest of my life (luckily, this will never happen, so I don't have to worry about monotony). Get it, practice it, practice it, practice it some more, and do it! It's well worth it!
December 30th, 2002 10:55pm
Reviewed by Dick Anderson
Ultimate 3 Card Monte has left most if not all of my audiences with their mouth open or a big smile on their face. Don't let the fact this is a "packet" trick disuade you from getting it. It's strength is in the fact that you visually show putting down the ace, and then it is not there; no false moves or sleights. Couple this strength with a good presentation, that is flawlessly presented, with no hesitation, and you have a winner. The instructions are very precise and clear and at first reading seem very involved. Read them a second time as you follow along with the cards and it will quickly become clear. I had it flowing smooth in an hour and mastered in a day. A trick you can keep with you at all times that shows well and has a superb climax. The price is also a bargain. You can't go wrong with this one and you won't be diappointed once you see your audience's reaction.
January 8th, 2003 12:44am
Reviewed by Carlo DeBlasio
I really like this trick. I wish the price were higher to keep it from flooding into everyone elses close-up show. I liked this trick when I first bought it in 1990 and it is a solid part of my working repertoire. It has a minor drawback for the beginner though who might buy it because it requires "no sleight of hand", it uses gimmicked cards and depending on how it's presented it may challenge a wise audience member to grab at the cards on the table revealing the subterfuge. There is an important presentation suggestion at the back of the accompanying booklet. Read it, and note the psychology of the story. With proper presentation this is the most stunning 3 card monte effects on the market.
May 10th, 2010 8:57pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Simply put, this trick DESTROYS people! I've probably said similar words about 'color monte'. I first purchased this back in the early nineties, and ALWAYS have one in my wallet...with 'color monte' nearby. Depending upon the climate or the viewer, I'll show one or the other. Skinner's version is NOT examinable, unless you use a Himber wallet, which I don't-but the shows are so open and fair, that few people ever question the cards. Working close up with strangers in bar/ restaurants, I use normal cards, which people swear are tricked, until they pick them up and look. Then, they call me 'Devil', which I don't mind taking as a compliment. Devil INDEED...I'll share here an occasion where I showed Skinner's Monte to a bartender friend. I used my finger ring (sometimes a coin) as a 'marker'. This young man was so incredulous, that he called over a cocktail waitress, so I showed it to her. Without exaggeration, she looked at me with a kind of awe,...and called OTHER servers to come... [Read More]

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