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Micro Clip

by Mark Leveridge

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Categories: General, Stage, Costume
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

This is a specially designed neck microphone holder which has been developed to eliminate many of the problems found in other similar clips. Its features are as follows:-

1. MICRO CLIP has two steel clips fitted onto a shaped steel plate, these clips being coated to prevent damage.

2. The two clips can be adjusted to suit the thickness of the microphone you are using. They provide a firm hold and yet the mike can be removed and replaced easily.

3. As well as the loop of cord to go round the neck, MICRO CLIP has two cords attached to the base of the plate so that they can be secured around your body. This prevents the clip from swinging and maintains the mike's position in relation to your mouth so that you do not lose any volume.

MICRO CLIP is a professional prop for a professional performance. It allows you to forget the mike and concentrate on the magic!

Date Added: Jan 19th, 2004


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