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A Bic Too Far

by Mark Leveridge

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Categories: General, Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

If you are looking for an amusing routine for either a closeup show or for a stand up performance A BIC TOO FAR will provideyou with a surprising, visual sequence that's sure to entertain.

The performer says that he wants to show the audience ‚Äėthehandkerchief trick'. With empty hands he opens out a handkerchief and lays itover one of his hands. Suddenly a mini GREEN Bic lighter appears in thecloth!

With a small mutter of irritation, the green lighter is putaway but instantly appears back in the cloth. Once again it is removed but thistime a YELLOW lighter appears!

Lighting the flame of the yellow lighter it is passed roundthe cloth. Immediately a MATCHBOX appears. The yellow lighter is putaway, but when the matchbox is shaken it rattles. Opening the drawer reveals theyellow lighter lying inside! It is removed and put away. Straight away thematchbox is rattled again ‚Ä“ and on opening it the GREEN lighter is backagain, now inside the matchbox!

The performer cannot seem to get rid of the lighters, so hedecides to try and make the green lighter vanish from under the cloth. However,instead of vanishing, the lighter magically turns into a RED FULL SIZE Biclighter, at which point the performer decides to give up!

Some practice required, but great fun to perform, A BICTOO FAR will soon become one of your favourites.

Date Added: Jan 19th, 2004
MLA SKU: Rm4RCnDg2Yywya


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