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Against All Odds

by Mark Leveridge

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Categories: General, Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Here is a versatile effect which you can use in close up, small cabaret or children's shows. The basic presentation can be altered or modified to suit all manner of different performing styles or plot. And the method is so clean and simple to do, you will want to put this in ALL your acts!

Here is one of the possible plots:-

The performer borrows a valuable watch from a spectator and then informs him that he is now going to take part in a game of chance to see if he can win his watch back!

Six coloured envelopes are displayed and the magician explains that inside each is a small leather luggage label wallet with a window front. Through this window a piece of white card can be seen and in five of the wallets, the card has a RED DOT on it, while the sixth has a BLUE DOT. The spectator has to find the wallet containing the BLUE DOT to get his watch back!

In any manner of ways the spectator eliminates five envelopes which are given to the performer, leaving the spectator with just one. The performer now removes the first four wallets one by one from their envelopes, showing each envelope clearly otherwise empty as he does so, and turns them over to reveal a RED dot inside each.

For the final envelope, the performer invites the spectator to also remove his wallet from his chosen envelope and this plus the magician's last wallet are turned over together to reveal - the spectator has somehow, against all odds, ended up with the one with the BLUE DOT!

Points to ponder - there is absolutely no force of any kind. The spectator can give away ANY five envelopes and still be left with the one containing the blue dot. There are no extra envelopes or wallets, there is no switching or suspicious moves. Every envelope can be shown completely empty after the wallet is removed. The envelopes are not faked in any way and can be examined if required. The spectator himself takes the wallet out of his chosen envelope. Despite all this, he will always get the BLUE DOT!

The method is a real dream, it is so clean! You receive the six leather luggage label wallets, coloured envelopes and illustrated instructions detailing a number of presentations.

Date Added: Jan 19th, 2004


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