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by Mark Leveridge

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

One of the most important steps in developing any effect is the stage where you find a good presentation for the basic plot. 007 is an effect that I have had a number of methods for in the past, but never really had a commercial presentation - until now! Lay people have reacted very strongly to this routine and have obviously enjoyed the trick's theme.

In performance the magician shows a coin on which is a sticker bearing the legend 007. This represents the famous character James Bond, secret agent extraordinary!

James Bond's assignment is to try and find a spectator. A volunteer initials two further stickers, one of which is attached to the rear of the 007 coin so that he knows who to look for! The other could be stuck on the spectator himself, but that would be too easy! So instead, a deck of cards is fanned face up and the second initialled sticker is stuck to the face of one of the cards. The deck is shuffled, boxed, and given to another onlooker to hold on to.

The 007 coin, with the spectator's initials clearly visible on it, is placed into the left hand which closes around it and the left wrist is held by a spectator. Despite these difficulties 007 manages to escape leaving the performer's hand empty!

He takes the card case and with empty hands slides the deck out and carefully cuts it to reveal 007 sitting on top of a card somewhere in the deck.

The coin is lifted off and handed to the volunteer to verify his initials on it. The card below the coin is turned over to reveal it is one with the second initialled sticker on it! Bond has once again got his man!

The handling required is well thought out and not particularly difficult. There is no reset to the trick which means it is very suitable for strolling work.

The special Bicycle deck, which appears totally normal and can be shuffled and handled in a standard manner, is specially gimmicked to make the trick very clean to do.

You receive the special deck, some stickers and illustrated instructions. Use your own coin, either a 10p or US Quarter.

Date Added: Jan 19th, 2004


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