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Magic Lesson

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Categories: General, Childrens
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

This is a true pro' routine, packed with laugh after laugh. You try to turn a young volunteer into a Magician, using 3 coloured scarves, a bag and a huge solid looking Magic wand.

The idea starts simple. Your young Magician has to learn how to change the 3 scarves into one multi coloured scarf. The scarves go into the bag and the bag is whacked with the wand. This appears to hurt you (but doesn't really!), but still there's no flag.

Suddenly the bag grows longer but still no Magic has happened. Some more fun with the wand, and now the bag grows so long your young helper can't reach the bottom. When finally they do they can't remove their arm out of the bag!

Eventually, with your assistance, they pull out what looks like it could be a flag but it turns out to be a scrawny looking chicken!!

After much more fun and bits of business everything turns out according to plan, your young helper succeeding to magically make the multi coloured scarf!!

There is quite simply not enough room here to describe the full value of this routine. Believe me, this is a totally pro' routine which has so much scope for fun, bits of business etc. You won't be disappointed!
Date Added: Jan 17th, 2004
MLA SKU: j55C70wWpxy0OVi


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