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Derren Brown Lecture Video (PAL)

by Derren Brown

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Categories: Mentalism, Hypnotism
Media Type: Video Tape (PAL)
Publisher: International Magic

Product Description

A radical and new thinker in the world of close-up magic and mentalism. Den-en performs forty-five minutes of hardcore mind-reading and close-up hypnosis. Volunteers are slammed into trance-states, achieving bizarre mental connections with each other in some mind blowing routines that are now earning Den-en a dynamic reputation. The following effects are performed:

LIFT: A spectator's arm is immobilized. Then controlled remotely, by the will of another volunteer.
PLEROPHORIA: A deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled by a spectator yet Derren, while facing away, names each card in order.
SMOKE: An incredible routine, where a card that has been merely thought of by a spectator, is first named by Derren then disappears from an untouched deck only to impossibly appear well wait and see.
COIN READING AND BENDING: The date and denomination of a volunteer's coin, unseen and untouched by Derren, is identified. Then slowly bent at the will of another volunteer.
REMINISCENCE: A hypnotized spectator merely thinks of a memory, a number and a picture. All are then perfectly described in immense detail by both Derren and audience members. This mind-blowing routine is Derren at his very best.

The performance is followed by an explanation of Plerophoria and a demonstration of mentally forcing an imaginary card, plus some extremely valuable discussions on presentation and Derren's philosophy of 'Invisible Compromise'. An immensely useful video for both the budding and established mentalist. Duration of tape 1 hour 20 minutes. (Available in both NTSC or PAL format.) 80 minutes.

The magic on this video requires some previous knowledge and is rated as requiring some practice.
Date Added: Jan 16th, 2004
MLA SKU: mzcozlUClJbikWy


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