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Ali Bongo Lecture Video (PAL)

by Ali Bongo

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Category: General
Media Type: Video Tape (PAL)

Product Description

Ali Bongo needs no introduction to the magical fraternity. World renowned for his enthusiastic and uniquely creative approach to magic, Ali is the ideas man behind many a famous name as well as being a top flight professional 'performer' himself.

This is Ali Bongos' first lecture for International. His talents have always and will continue to be admired not only by ourselves, but by the whole magical world. We are proud to add him to our range.

To paraphrase Ali's opening words of the lecture sets the scene perfectly:

"Here's something for everyone; Close Up Magic; Stage Magic, Mental Magic Children's Magic. One of my philosophies in magic is simplicity, simplicity of method simplicity of effect and simplicity of construction. Everything can be made easily, from rope, copydex,. tumblers etc."

Nothing else needs to be said here other than that this lecture contains great, visual and practical effects with rope, cards, silks and much, much more

(Available in both NTSC or PAL format.) 60 minutes - visual stand up magic.

The magic on this video requires no or little previous knowledge and is rated as easy to learn and perform.
Date Added: Jan 16th, 2004
MLA SKU: jtvoYE5ropqzNyY


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