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Gospel Monte

by Theo L. Boyd

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Categories: Close Up, Gospel
Media Type: Trick

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Use MAGIC to spread Christ's word! You show 3 cards. The devil card is shown on top & placed on table. You show the 2nd card to also be the devil & stating 'you know the devil is everywhere', you place him on top of the 1st one on the table. The 3rd card is a gold cross, representing Jesus Our Savior. 'He should never be last so we'll place him on top of the two devils. Unfortunately, many put Him last' and you take the cross card & place it on the bottom of the two devils. "Then, when they need him most they can't find him". The pack is turned over to show the devil card is now on the bottom where the cross was! The top & middle cards are shown to now also be devils! "If I go to the depth of the sea, thou art there." The bottom devil card has now become the cross! "If I climb the highest mountain, thou art there..." the top devil card is now a cross! "The important thing is to keep Christ in the center of our lives". The cross is now in the center! Some may think I have more than three cards, but I only have 1-2-3; as cards are placed on the table one by one. Turn over the first card ... it's now the devil. The second one is the cross... what's the last card? They answer "the devil". No, it's The Scriptures (showing a bible picture card) ... the way to beat the devil!" A beautiful surprise ending & an excellent way to get your message across!
Date Added: Jan 10th, 2004


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February 3rd, 2004 4:23pm
Reviewed by Mike Beymer
This trick takes quite a bit of practice for a beginner to master the moves, it requires a smooth slide and a good double lift. The message is really good and the impact is very strong. I've had people looking for the other cards trying to figure out what I did with them.

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