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Art & Magic

by S. H. Sharpe

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Category: Philosophy
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Miracle Factory

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Sam Sharpe was a magical treasure. As I read these collected thoughts, I was struck by their sheer power and beauty. Never underestimate the power of a single thought “ and what it can do to change your magic and your life! “ Eugene Burger

Sharpe will blow your mind with his insights. Art and Magic is a great book for all magicians “ any page, any time. It's a book of knowledge, a book of secrets, a book of magic for a new generation. “ Vito Lupo

Shortly before his death, S. H. Sharpe “ author of Neo-Magic Artistry and other classics “ completed a book of profound ideas about magic and art. This long-awaited collection of over 1000 individual Sharpe thoughts is finally available to inspire and enlighten your magic.

Art and Magic also contains amazing additional material by Sharpe, including the revised text of Sharpe's much-sought Words on Wonder, his journal series "Through Magic-Colored Spectacles," and essays by Juan Tamariz, Luis de Matos, and Vito Lupo.

Over 350 hardbound pages on acid-free satin-finish paper with beautiful full-color cover by artist Katlyn Breene.
Date Added: Dec 18th, 2003
MLA SKU: AkMj1yPUjdppE1B


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