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Magic of Thinking Creatively, The

by Berry Mitchell

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Category: Philosophy
Media Type: Book

Product Description

A Professional Magician's Path In The Pursuit Of Creativity

It's here! Barry's greatest assembly of ideas in one location. It is an 8 1/2" X 11" hardbound, gold foil stamped edition and only 1500 have been printed. Each book is signed and numbered by the author. 236 pages with dozens of drawings and filled with ideas, performance stories, marketing tips, performance encouragement, creativity boosters, and magic tricks never before revealed to the magic community.

Includes letters from creative thinkers like Andre Kole, Marshall Brodien, Duane Laflin, Bev Bergeron, Max Howard, David Ginn, Jeff Hobson, Glenn Strange, and many, many others. The foundations of creativity, the process of creativity for the creative story-teller, creative marketing and advertising, the creative inventor, creative encouragement, creative Gospel communications examples, and never before seen magic principles. If you want more out of your magic then you need this book!!

A testimonial....
"Book arrived today...What can I say but....WOW! What a book! As a fulltime performer and fellow creative for 20+ years, I have never read a better book on the subject of becoming creative! It is filled with practical information as well as loads of ideas. It is truly fantastic! ANY entertainer or speaker should purchase a copy and devour it. If they apply the knowledge contained within this book, they will grow and prosper as never before. Thanks for doing a service to the entertainment community in bringing this book to press.
All the best!
John Cooper

"I fail to see how anyone would not be inspired by this book. Those who perform for kids will be especially interested as many of the tricks and routines were developed for school and library shows. However, these examples should prove valuable for any thinking magician, for in addition to the magic, there are loads of tips on the business side of show business, solid and hard-won advice to improve your marketing of yourself and your shows. Definitely recommended."
Philip R. Willmarth
Executive Editor
The Linking Ring

"You will be pleased to know that your package was opened and inspected by the quarantine service on arrival here and found to be "Bug Free!"
Chris McMillan

"Barry, I just finished reading THE MAGIC OF THINKING CREATIVELY and want you to know I think it's GREAT! Not only does it contain tremendous ideas for developing creativity, inspirational thoughts, and innovative magic routines, but the humor in it makes it a great fun read. I know it's aimed at professional magicians, but I think it would be great benefit to anybody who deals with the public, as well as anyone who struggles to "think out of the box" in their work."
Dr. John Welton

"Barry, You have a great book here. I was really impressed with the content and the research that you put into it."
Bev Bergeron

"WOW, I always knew you were good . . . but now I KNOW you are really great. I have gone cover to cover TWICE. You packed so much stuff in there that it should sell for twice the price."
Carl Day

"I'm sure the MAGIC OF THINKING CREATIVELY will be positively and enthusiastically received by the magic community. It is wonderful to have undertaken the subject at all. I know that somewhere, someone whose heart is full and whose courage is low, will read your words, be encouraged and create something beautiful. That is a gift to us all!"
Max Howard

Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006
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