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Nervous Breakdown

by Dominique Duvivier

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Categories: Close Up, Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

The magician shows a small plastic wallet. He explains that one side of the wallet are four kings, the other side is a prediction card. The spectator is asked to choose any king. The kings and prediction card are removed and placed on the table. With absolutely no sleight of hand, the kings are spread to show the reversed king is the one chosen. Not only was it reversed, it was the only one with a red back! The prediction card is turned over to reveal an ace of the same suit and color. Furthermore, the other cards weren't kings at all, but aces! That's how sure the magician was to guess the prediction!

Effect includes special Bicycle Brand Cards, plastic wallet, and instructions for three routines!

Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006


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Official Review

October 4th, 2005 5:28pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Nervous Breakdown is Dominique Duvivier's solution to one of the most interesting plots in all of card magic, the "brainwave" effect, performed with a small packet of cards. Unfortunately, Nervous Breakdown, as a post-B'wave solution, it offers a confusing additional kicker and requires more props and twice as many cards. If the small-packet brainwave trick is something you want to add to your repitoire, go buy B'wave instead. If you're already performing B'wave, then there is a reason you'd want to buy Nervous Breakdown, but not to perform it. We'll get to that, later.

The genesis of Nervous Breakdown is covered in the first part of the instructions (provided as one A4 page, printed both sides) with no small measure of self-congratulatory asides. Despite this, I found this discussion a worthwhile inclusion and wish that more creators would provide this type of insight with their products. That said, I almost hesitate to use it against the trick, but one revelation in the history... [Read More]

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