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Daniel and the Lions

by Duane Laflin

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Category: Gospel
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Full color art. Protected with plastic laminate overcoat. On super strong yet lightweight PVC board - 11 by 17 in size.
A very entertaining routine involving three children from the audience. One child plays the part of Daniel. He is caught in the act of ";prayer"; so ropes are tied around his waist and then also threaded through a Daniel picture.
To illustrate the Bible story two lions are also threaded on the ropes. (Other volunteers now hold the ends of the ropes where the lions are). What will happen to Daniel? Will he become a ";Daniel burger"; for those lions as he spends the night in their den? Suspense builds, the audience counts, at the last minute...Daniel is mysteriously set free from the ropes. His picture is free too, but the lions are still trapped on the ropes. This is used to share a powerful lesson about ";being willing to take a stand for God";.
The method for the trick is easy and clever.
The routine is well explained Great for stage performance.

Effect includes rope, instructions, and three large 11"x17" boards.

Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006


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