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Knuckle Busters Volume 4

by Reed McClintock

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Book

Product Description

This manuscript is designed for the working pro and the experienced coin magician. Volume Four of “Knuckle Busters” contain four professional routines specifically for dedicated and skilled magicians who are willing to put in the time and practice it takes to perform first-rate coin magic.

The fun and visual “Neverland Coin Production” is very direct and guarantees gasps from your audience. There is also a pretty flourish at the end.
“New World Chink-a-Chink” is an effort to take the classic “Chink-a-Chink” off the table and put it into the hands, enabling the magician to perform this effect in any walk-around situation.

Curtis Kam offers “No One to Four”, a fun, visual and startling effect. Following the theme of “Knuckle Busters, Volume 4”, this is a four (or eight)-coin production.

“The American Dream” is a close-up “Miser’s Dream” with meaning and purpose. This effect ends with an amazing tribute to the American spirit.
Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006
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Official Review

January 21st, 2004 10:52pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
This latest edition to the Knuckle Buster series contains 4 pieces of technically demanding coin magic, three by McClintock and one by coin guru Curtis Kam.

First, the manuscript is clearly written though I wish more detail had been provided for some of the transition elements. The illustrations are good, but could have been a tad larger. Overall though, the manuscript is fine for someone who has experience with coin work. Raw beginners need not apply. For one, moves such as the muscle pass and positions such as the J.W. grip are mentioned only by name, not taught. Again, for the niche market this manuscript intends to serve, I don't feel this is a problem.

Let's look at the tricks.

"Neverland Coin Production": Allow me to quote, "The requirements for this effect are simple: be able to classic palm three silver dollars and muscle pass from both hands." Now you do believe me when I say beginners need not apply?

I feel this is one of the more practical pieces in the... [Read More]

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