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by Ton Onosaka

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

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The classic game of 3-Card Monte in a new version with jumbo cards that's filled with surprises! Three cards are shown: two black Tens, and a Queen of Hearts. The spectator is asked to "find the lady," but that's not possible, for now the performer holds three black Tens - the Queen is found inside the magician's pocket! The game is repeated with the four-card set. Again, the spectator is unable to find the Queen, for the packet now consists of four Tens; the Queen is again inside the magician's pocket! The performer suggests that a five-card game is too difficult, so one card is dealt aside. The remaining cards are mixed. The spectator is asked to locate the Queen - and of course, suspects that the card that was put aside is the one. In fact, that card turns out to be the only black Ten - and the other four cards are now seen to be all Queens, one of each suit!
Date Added: Oct 21st, 2003
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September 24th, 2006 8:35pm
Reviewed by Paul White
Ton Onosaka is a master and a genius. Tonte is diabolical.

A bit complicated to remember the moves, but not overly so. The moves themselves are not difficult and can easily be handled with the large cards, even if you are close up to the spectator. This is a card effect that works well on stage as well.

There are several unexpected turns and twists in this - all of which makes it a very entertaining card effect.

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