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Caffeine Rush

by Ravina, Vincenzo

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Categories: Bizarre, Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

A borrowed cup of coffee is covered for an instant by a coffee cup lid. When the lid is taken off again, the cup is filled to the brim with coins or bugs! With another magical pass, the coins or bugs vanish, and the coffee is back!

  • No Switching Cups

  • No Magnets Or Pulls

  • Use Anyone?s Cup Of Coffee

  • Virtually Impromptu

Booklet includes instructions on how to easily construct this clever gimmick.
Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006
MLA SKU: 1xQzkXTk5Lh8hjJ


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Official Review

October 5th, 2003 2:38pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
I am blessed to posses a magic library numbering in excess of 1,500 volumes. There are, however, 5 books which I keep in a special place apart from all my other tomes. Why? Because they are so bad, so devoid of merit, that I am afraid their suckiness might rub off on my other books.

And so we begin what I hope to be the closing chapter in the Vincent Ravina trilogy of crappy magic, Caffeine Rush. Yes folks, he's at it again. And no, this one isn't any better.

How bad is it? Let's begin.

In my review of Shocking, we detailed Mr. Ravina's use of material that was stolen from other performers and writers (Jim Pace, Mac King and Richard Mark). Now, I would like to explore Mr. Ravina's misrepresentation of the current product at hand.

The cover of Caffeine Rush makes three interesting claims: No Switching, Use Anyone's Cup of Coffee, and Impromptu.

First, let's address the claim of being impromptu:

The 7 page manuscript (I'm not counting the last page as it's mainly an... [Read More]

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