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7 by Michel Hout

by Acer, David

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Book
Publisher: David Acer

Product Description

A regular invitee at Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic, and a frequent guest on David Acer’s MagicWorks shows in Montreal, Michel Huot is one of the industry’s best kept secrets. His material has appeared in Genii, Magic and Natural Selections, Vol. II, but this is his first solo collection, and it contains simple riches the likes of which are rarely seen!

  • Ultimate Aces: A strikingly visual change of four indifferent cards into four Aces using an astonishing new sleight!

  • Don’t Follow The Leader: The movement of two spectators becomes completely sympathetic with the movement of their cards... but who’s controlling who?

  • Acid Trip: Your coffee engages in a blistering battle with your spoon, resulting in an impossible transfiguration!

  • Signed Quarter in Balloon: A signed quarter is tossed into the air by a spectator, but when it hits an inflated balloon, instead of bouncing off it, it drops inside! The quarter then rolls around in the balloon, whereupon the magician suddenly grabs it through the latex and tugs it back out, leaving the balloon intact!

And more! Seven By Michel Huot is the first in a new series featuring exciting close-up miracles from innovative magicians working on the front lines! Written by David Acer, with a foreword by Richard Sanders.

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Date Added: Sep 14th, 2003


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Official Review

January 27th, 2004 12:54am
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
This nicely produced manuscript, penned by David Acer, features seven magical offerings from Michael Hout.

The manuscript is well produced, and well illustrated. David's writing style adds a touch of entertainment as well. However, the material neither excited nor moved me to action. But maybe that's just me. So here's a run down with commentary.

I Really Knew It: Spectator chooses one of 4 aces. Three aces are seen to have the words "I Knew It" on their back. The chosen ace reads, "I really knew it." This is "cute," but I prefer my magic to have a stronger punch than the subtlety of this particular revelation. Also, it is basically a sleight of hand version of the "I knew you would select this one card out of four from a packet" trick. Given the fact you are not totally clean, I think you would be better served with something even dirtier, but stronger (such as B'Wave.)

Ultimate Aces: This is a vehicle through which to teach Hout's Spring Change. I must confess, though a... [Read More]

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